Academic Choir "Ivan Goran Kovačić"

Zagreb, Croatia

Luka Vukšić - conductor

Folk Section

Title Composer Lyrics
Voda zvira iz kamena / Water springs out of the stone Josip Stolcer-Slavenski Traditional folk lyrics
Crn - bel Igor Kuljeric Fran Galovic
Konjičku / My steed Igor Kuljeric Dragutin Domjanic
Zahvalnica / Thanksgiving song Franjo Dugan ml Traditional folk lyrics

Sacred Section

Title Composer
Da voskresnet Bog Dmitrij S. Bortnjanski
Bogorodice Djevo radujsja Sergej Rahmanjinov
Mary had a baby arr. William L. Dawson

Pop Section

Title Composer Lyrics
Elijah Rock arr. Jester Hairston Traditional
Soon ah will be done arr. William L. Dawson Traditional
Ain’t got time to die Hall Johnson Traditional

The “Ivan Goran Kovačić” Academic Choir was founded in 1948. The Choir has performed under the direction of many respectable conductors and has had numerous guest performances abroad, including in well-known festivals. The Choir constantly cooperates with Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, the Croatian Radio-and-Television Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Croatian Army Symphony Wind Orchestra.

The high interpretative achievements of the Ivan Goran Kovačić Academic Choir have been confirmed by numerous awards and plaudits among which the Vice-Chancellor Award of the University of Zagreb, the City of Zagreb Award, as well as the Vladimir Nazor Award should be specially emphasized.

Luka Vukšić was born in Zagreb in 1976. He graduated from the Josip Hatze High School of Music in Split and received his Bachelor diploma from the Zagreb Academy of Music in the class of maestro Igor Gjadrov. In April 1999, he received the award for the best student and he has worked on his final exam with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra. During the same year, he received a scholarship from the Lovro and Lilly Matačić Foundation. The next year he finished his postgraduate study at the Orchestral Conducting Program of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest in the class of maestros Ervin Lukacs and Tamas Gal. He has attended seminars of such respectable masters as Ronald Zollman and Juri Simonov. After finishing his postgraduate studies he returned to Zagreb and started working as permanent conductor of the Ivan Goran Kovačić Choir.

Luka VukšićAcademic Choir "Ivan Goran Kovačić"Academic Choir "Ivan Goran Kovačić"Academic Choir "Ivan Goran Kovačić"Academic Choir "Ivan Goran Kovačić"Academic Choir "Ivan Goran Kovačić"