Lublin, Poland

Anna Wasak conductor

Katarzyna Sidlovska piano accompaniment


Title Composer Lyrics
Nie lękajcie sie Jacek Głuszka (b. 1965) Kyriale Benedyktyńskie
Oto są Baranki Boże Piotr Pałka (b. 1975) Piotr Pałka (b. 1975)
Calypso Gloria Emily Crocker (b. 1949) unknown
Alleluja William Boyce (1711–1779) unknown
Kocham więc nie muszę się bać Ronan Johnston Ronan Johnston


Andantino Choir was established in September 2006. The initiative was made by the current conductor, Anna Wąsak, as a result of the National Choirs Program "Singing Poland".

The choir regulary participates in school and community events, cooperates with the parish of the Most Holy Trinity in the Felin district in Lublin, taking part in the music festivals of the city.

Lublin, administrative centre of the voivodship and the capital of the Lublin Region, and home to 365 thousand inhabitants, is the biggest town in Eastern Poland. The location of the town atop loessial rolling hills of the Lublin Upland in the valley of the Bystrzyca and its tributaries is one of its assets. During the 5th and 7th centuries the inhabitants of Lublin grew in numbers, and by 1317 Lublin was granted municipal status. In 1474 Lublin became the capital of the voivodship, a role it has continuously played to this day. During the years of the first Republic, Lublin, which was centrally located, was inhabited by different nationalities and religious denominations that constituted a rich and varied community.