Přerov, Czech Republic

Michal Sabadáš conductor

Stanislav Smoček piano accompaniment


Title Composer
Pod dubem, za dubem (Under oak, for oak) Václav Ptáček (1930-2011)
Jovano Jovanke unknown
Kdyby byla Morava (If it was Morava) Stanislav Smoček (b. 1991)
The lion sleeps tonight Robert John (b. 1946) / arr. Michal Sabadáš
Et intera pax Marry Lynn Lightfoot (b. 1952)
Sing, sing, sing Louis Prima (1910-1978) / arr. Michal Sabadáš
O crux ave Rihards Dubra (b. 1964)
Gloria Alleluia Emilly Crocker (b. 1949)
Et intera pax Marry Lynn Lightfoot (b. 1952)
Den je krásný (Day is beautiful) Jiří Bažant (1924-2011) / arr. Jaroslav Dostalík
An Irish Blessing James Edward Moore (1902-1986)/ arr. Carsten Gerlitz
Baba Yetu (Our father) Christopher Tin (b. 1976)
Zahrajte ně husličky (Play the violins) Oldřich Halma (1907-1985)
Na našem sádku (On our set) Petr Eben (1929-2007)
Tancuj, tancuj, vykrúcaj (Dancing, dancing, turn around) Jan Pavel (1946-2010)
Bodaj by vás vy mládenci (Let the boys take you devil) Jan Pavel (1946-2010)


The choir Vocantes choir is founded by the Basic School of art Bedřicha Kozánka in Přerov. The Association Vocantes organizes concert choir activities, participation in festivals and competitions. The repertoire of the choir Vocantes is very diverse: folk music, works renaissance composers, baroque, contemporary composers and choral arrangements of popular, gospel and jazz.

The choirmaster Michal Sabadáš is a teacher of singing at the Basic School of art in Prerov. The piano accompanist Stanislav Smoček is a teacher in the school and he studied organ, piano and keyboard. Both of them prepare and arrange songs for choir.

The choir preforms on concerts and participates in various festivals and competitions. Some of their latest achievements are: Festival "Light for Lidice" (2015, 2016, Lidice), Silver medal in the category Pop, Jazz, Gospel at International Choir Competition "Mundi cantat" (2015, Olomouc), Silver medal in category Superior at the same competition in 2016.

Přerov is located in the middle of Moravia region, on both banks of the river Bečva. The historic core of the town - the upper square is famous with his houses from the 15th century and the castle with its tower that dominates the city.