Trison Mixed Choir of the "Vespasian Lungu" Popular School of Arts and Crafts

Braila, Romania

Marcica Lupu & Ștefan Lupu conductors


Title Composer Lyrics
Myr Da Tsary Stoyan Babekov (b. 1936) Sacred
Mă Dusei În Târg La Moți Tudor Jarda (1922-2007) Popular lyrics
Jubilate Johannes Matthias Michel (b. 1962) Jazzmotett
Ejdi Nedo Stefan Gajdov (1905-1992) Popular lyrics
Rum dum dum Dragan Shuplevski (1933-2001) Popular lyrics
Sârba Pe Loc Gheorghe Danga (1905-1959) Popular lyrics
Tatăl Nostru Ciprian Porumbescu (1853-1883)
Tebe Poem Dmitry Bortneanski (1751-1825)
Doamne, Buzele Mele Vei Deschide Gavriil Musicescu (1847-1903)
Sârba În Căruță Gheorghe Danga (1905-1959) Folk Lyrics
Mari Mome arr. Dobri Hristov (1875-1941) Bulgarian Folk Song
Suita Corală No 1 arr. Lucian Nireșteanu (b. 1948) Folk Songs From Transylvania


For twenty-five years, the Trison choral ensemble is delivering the message of peace and harmony pertaining to choral music, the ardor and pleasure of making music together, under the leadership by professors Marcica and Stefan Lupu. They led the choir very successfully, preformed numerous concerts, participated in prominent competitions and festivals in Romania and abroad. Thus, promoting a repertoire which mainly includes Romanian but also international choral compositions. The Trison Choir rehearsals are taking place in the School of Arts and Crafts "Vespasian Lungu" in Braila.

Some of their latest succeses on international contests and festivals are: Bulgaria (Sofia – 2004 with Bronze Medal; Baltchik – 2013 and 2014), Greece (Preveza – 1998 with Bronze Medal and 2016 with Bronze Metal; Karpenisi – 2015 with two Silver Medals).

Marcica Lupu graduated the "Ciprian Porumbescu" Music National University from Bucharest. In 1992, Marcica Lupu has set up and leads the Trison Mixed Choir. As an assistant conductor and accompanist, Ștefan Lupu helps his wife Marcica Lupu.