Othello Polyphonic Choir

Famagusta, Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)

Erkan Dağlı conductor

Rana Uluçay piano accompaniment & co-conductor


Title Composer Lyrics
Al Yemeni Mor Yemeni Oskay Hoca Kamran Aziz
Hanaylar Yaptırdım Oskay Hoca Folk
Vaporum Üç Borulu Oskay Hoca Folk
Münüsem Oskay Hoca Folk
Kebapçıların Şişi Oskay Hoca Folk
Yalancı Çoban Anıl Aydın Folk


The choir was founded in 2010 and since than is continuing its efforts in extending its repertoire with choral arrangements of folk songs and choral songs of different periods of classical music. Since its foundation, the choir is in continuous improvement and has been involved in many workshops with Prof. Mustafa Apaydın which were organized twice a year. The members are music teachers, musicians and amateur singers.

The choir’s name is inspired by the famous story written by William Shakespeare. In the last six years since its formation, the Othello choir has given many concerts in Cyprus and abroad (Othello in Troy, Othello in Hierapolis) and participated in festivals (3rd Çanakkale International Choirs Festival, Pamukkale University Choirs Festival) and has organized choir workshops with famous choral conductors (Mustafa Apaydın, Mete Gökçe).

The conductor is Erkan Dağlı. He has organized and participated in numerous activities concerning music and choral singing. He is project art director of choir festival, choral workshops and conductor of choirs. He is currently the president of Cyprus Polyphonic Choirs Association and is running joint choir projects with Eastern Mediterranean University.