Cukurova State Symphony Orchestra
Polyphonic Children Choir

Adana, Turkey

Rana Sıdıka Ünlü conductor

Ayse Edemen piano accompaniment


Title Composer
Üsküdar Anonymous
Greensleeves Yasunori Mitsuda
Va Pensiero Giuseppe Verdi
Vua Sur Ton Chemin Bruno Coulais
Mavi Gezegen
Lo Scrivero Nel Vento
Operation Opera (Toreador)
Lastronave di Capitan Rottame
Drama Köprüsü


Polyphonic Child Choir was established by Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra and the Çukurova Philharmonic Association in 1999. The main purpose of this choir to educate children, to prepare them for fine arts and conservatory exams and to promote choral singing. Since its foundation the choir trained over 1000 children and has preformed many concerts with the orchestra or with piano accompaniment. They have won two bronze medals also more than ten awards in Turkish choral festivals. The choir has been running successfully its 19th season, creating music that originates from the love towards music and temper of the Adana children.

Rana Sıdıka Ünlü was born in 1983 in Tarsus. Her music education started with Mersin State Opera and Ballet Children's Choir under Reyhan Bezdüz administration. After finishing her high school education she enrolled the University in 2010. She was active in Choral associations in Mersin and she is founder and president of Antakya Sanart Music House and İskenderun Dolce Sanat Academy Children's Choruses. Apart from her primary occupation - kindergarten music instructor, since October 2013 she is the choir master of Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra Children's Choir since October 2013.

Adana is sixth most populous city in Turkey with 2,165,595 people. The city center of Adana is located on the Seyhan River within 30 kilometer of the Mediterranean sea. It is a leading trade and a cultural center of Cukurova region famous for agriculture and mining of chromium, iron, manganese, lead and zinc.