Skopje, Macedonia

Valentina Velkovska conductor


Title Composer
Bogorodica Prilezno A. Arhangelski
Bogorodichen Tropar J. Kodjobashija
Tebe Poem S. Mokranjac
Nevesta Zito Trebeshe
Devojchence Cvekje Bralo
Niz Korija Zelena
Makedonsko Devojche


The Vocal Group Smirna is established in 2013 and is composed of female vocalists. This group was establish in order to nourish the Orthodox sacred music, as well as Macedonian folk music and numbers 9 members and a conductor. So far, Smirna has not taken part in competitions, but only in performances such as: Ohrid Choir Festival (Sacred Section) in 2016, Sacred Academies organized by the Macedonian Orthodox Church, Christmas, Easter and New Years’ performances, as well as liturgies in churches and monasteries.

Since 2016, conductor of the group is Valentina Velkovska. She has been in music for more than 40 years. Her ocupation, besides choral conducting, is solo singing.

Smirna was established in Skopje, the Capital of Macedonia. Skopje is located in the upper course of River Vardar and the central area of the Balkan Peninsula. In Roman period was known under the name Skupi. Among cultural monuments which Skopje is famous for are: The Stone Bridge, The Fortress Kale, The Monument House of Mother Theresa, The Old Bazaar, The Old Railway Station, The Orthodox Temple, The Orthodox Church St. Spas, The Mustafa Pasha Mosque, etc.