Mixed Choir Hlahol

Lublin, Poland

Miroslav Šulc conductor

Štefan Kaluja solo vocal


Title Composer Lyrics
Kamo pojdu ot Ducha Tvojego (Where Can I Go from Thy Spirit) Viktor Kalinnikov (1870-1927) Psalm 139
De profundis clamavi Józef Świder (1930-2014) Psalm 129
Napadly písně v duši mou Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904) Vítězslav Hálek (1835-1874)
Tripla fuga (Triple fugue) Vlastimir Nikolovski (1925-2001) Liturgic
Zdrowaś Królewno wyborna Andrzej Koszewski (1922-2015) Liturgic
Filiae Jerusalem Antonín Tučapský (1928-2014) Liturgic
Pater Noster (The Lord's prayer) Zdeněk Lukáš (1928-2007) Liturgic


Mixed choir Hlahol was established in 1947 year in Chomutov, city of nothern Bohemia. At the begining they focused on sacred music of classic czech composers (Dvořák, Martinů, Smetana) and folk songs. From the 70’s repertoire was extended of barroque and renaissance songs as well as compositions of contemporary authors.

Hlahol performs several times a year, mainly at Easter and Christmas concerts, vernissages or benefit concerts. The choir participates in competitions in Czech Republic and foreign countries: Canta al Mar, Calella 2014 (2 silver diplomas), Canti veris Praga, Prague 2015 (gold diploma), Praga cantat, Prague 2016 (2 silver diplomas)

Choirmaster Miroslav Šulc is a member of Hlahol since 1977. He used to sing bass and accompanied the choir on piano. In 1979 he became the choirmaster. Under his leadership Hlahol focused on sacred repertoire. His main occupation is medicine - he is doctor of pathology.

Chomutov is a city which lies at the foot of the Ore Mountains in the Usti region. The city was established at the crossroads of ancient trade routes, and is first mentioned in 1252. Chomutov is most famous as mining town, but the city can also boast with the unique alum lake and the park of nature with rich zoo diversity.