Swidnik, Poland

Ewa Bieniek conductor

Katarzyna Sidlovska piano accompaniment


Title Composer Lyrics
Wdycki wdycki Folk Music unknown
W zielonym gaiku Józef Świder (1930-2014) Folk Lyrics
Kyrie Piotr Jańczak (b. 1972) unknown
Noise Tomislaw Zagrafski (1934-2000) Blazhe Koneski (1921-1993)
Wiosna niech trwa Maciej Małecki (b. 1940) Elżbieta Szeptyńska (b. 1960)
A Child of Song Derryl Hering and Andy Beck Derryl Hering and Andy Beck


The choir was founded in 1995 and consists of girls from local schools and nearby muncipality Mełgiew. The choir is quite active in many concert in the city, the voivodship and the country. Since 2006 the choir has been participating in the National Program From The Development of School Choirs called "Singing Poland", which is led by the National Choir Music and Choir Academy in Wroclaw. In November 2011 he received the highest prize in the R. Kaczorowski Song, Prose and Poetry Competition in Lublin. In 2013 he took 1st place in the Provincial Carol Competition in Pulawy. In July 2014 he took part in the International Balkan Folk Fest Festival in Kiten, Bulgaria, where he took 2nd place in his category.

Świdnik is a municipality in eastern Poland with 40,186 inhabitants (2012), situated 10 kilometres (6 miles) southeast of the city of Lublin. It is the capital of Świdnik County. Świdnik belongs to the historic province of Lesser Poland, and was first mentioned in historical records in the year 1392. It remained a village until the end of the 19th century when it began to develop as a spa, due to the good location and climate.