Promusica - Gheorghe Dimancea Choir

Târgoviște, Romania

Florin Emil Nicolae Badea conductor

Cristina Pintea piano accompaniment


Title Composer Lyrics
Tatal nostru Ciprian Porumbescu (1853-1883)
Camara ta, Mantuitorul meu Nicolae Lungu (1900-1993)
Alleluia Gordon Joung (1919-1998)
Gloria Sabin Pautza (b. 1943)
ln poienita langa plop Gheorghe Danga (1905-1959) Folk lyrics, unknown author
Sarba ре loc Gheorghe Danga (1905-1959) Folk lyrics, unknown author
Sari mandra Sabin Pautza (b. 1943) Nina Casian (1924-2014)
lac'asa Stefan Nicolescu (1927-2008) Folk lyrics, unknown author


Pro Musica "Gh. Dimancea" Choir comes from Targoviste, Romania and has more than 130 years of activity. Teachers, priests and other music lovers meet once per week under the conductor’s coordination to make their projects come true. Meanwhile, the choir's voice was heard in many European cities to music festivals in Italy, Poland, France and Spain, to prestigious institutions such as the European Council or the Romanian Embassy in Paris.

The choir was awarded with numerous prizes like the Grand Trophy of "Ion Voicu" Festival and the 1st prize to the "Ciprian Porumbescu" Festival both from Romania and the Silver Medal to "Europe and its songs" music festival in Barcelona, 2009. At present, the choir is conducted by Phd. Florin Emil Nicolae Badea, professor at the Wallachia University of Targoviste, Faculty of Science and Arts.

Targoviste is а city with rich historical and cultural traditions situated in South Romania, 80 km far from Bucharest. Historically attested in 1396, Targoviste used to be the capital of Wallachia between 1396 and 1714 and has always had а fervid cultural life. Nowadays, Targoviste is the capital of Dambovita department.