Sanski Most, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Alma Karabeg conductor


Title Composer
Sarajčica arr. F. Ahmetspahić (1937-2013)
Bentbaša Milan Prebanda (1907-1979)
Otkako Je Banja Luka Postala arr. Alma Karić
Mila Majko Šalji Me Na Vodu arr. Alma Karabeg
Tri Djevojke arr. Alma Karabeg
Brala Jana Kapini arr. Alma Karabeg
Tebi Majko Misli Lete arr. Alma Karić


The Center for Peace building is home to an inter-religious choir, Harmonija. The choir primary focus is on singing traditional songs from Bosnia but also preforms traditional songs of other countries. They are known in Sanski most region for preforming Christmas and Ramadan concerts. They have performed locally, nationally and internationally participated in in many choral competitions. They organize CIM's International Peace Week.

Alma Karabeg was born in 1974 in Travnik, and graduated music theory from Sarajevo Music Academie. From 1997 to 2007 she worked as a music teacher at the Sanski Most and since 1998 Alma has been a music teacher at the Bihac Primary Music School, (solfege and piano). Since 2012 she is the conductor of The Center for Peacebuilding's choir Harmonija. Alma is also director for CIM’s children's choir Melodija, KUD Choir Osman Dzafic in Prijedor and the Mixed Choir Old Town in Kljuc.

Sanski Most is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina located in the northwest area of the country. It is known as the city of 9 rivers, the most famous being the Sana River, which flows through the center of town. Sanski Most is also known for its natural beauty with waterfalls and rivers all within the city region.