Bazil Anastasescu

Târgu Neamț, Romania

Eugenia Tiugea conductor


Title Composer Lyrics
Odozdola Ide Male Dragan Shuplevski Traditional Macedonian
Matona Mia Cara Orlado Lassus (1532-1594) unknown
Rugaciune Tudor Jarda (1922-2007) Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889)
Lino Leano Si De Doi Nicolae Ursu (1905-1969) Folk
Trandafir De Pe Razoare Sabin Dragoi (1894-1968) Folk
Busuiocul Gavril Galinescu (1883-1960) Folk
Cucuruz Cu Frunza-N Sus Gheorghe Dima (1847-1925) Folk
Zi-I Dobrine Bazil Anastasescu (1851-1922) Folk
Suita Corala Nr. 1 Cantece Populare Romanesti Harmonic Arrangement
Lucian Niresteanu (b. 1947)


The "Bazil Anastasescu" Choir was founded by Eugenia and Gheorghe Tiugea in 1997. The choir’s repertoire includes songs of Romanian composers, both religious and secular, but also pieces of the world famous composers. The choir performs in Tirgu Neamt's musical life, but also participates in events both in the country and abroad.

Some of the latest awards are: Diploma of Excellence issued by the "Carmen Saeculare" Culture and Arts Centre of Piatra Neamt; "Alexandru Podoleanu" Prize for the entire musical activity, Piatra Neamt; Diploma of the French Music Festival.

Eugenia Tiugea graduated the Music Faculty of Brasov in 1975 and the Music Conservatory of Cluj-Napoca in 1979. After finishing the studies she was assigned, together with her husband, at Targu Neamt as a music teacher until retirement in 2013. She also taught Counterpoint Music at the Orthodox Theology Seminar of Agapia, from 1992 until present, being a conductor of the seminar's choir. Her passion for choral music determined the establishment of the current adults' formation, named after the first choir conductor from Targu Neamt.

Tirgu Neamt is a town situated in the north of Romania, a region renowned for its monasteries.