Pozarevac Gymnasium Ensemble

Pozarevac, Serbia

Jelena Rakić conductor & piano accompaniment

Jelena Jevtić solo vocal


Title Composer
Amatemi ben mio (Ah, pity me, beloved) Luka Marencio (1554-1599)
Izhe Heruvimi (Cherubic Hymn) Mitropolit Damaskin (1892-1969)
Ne menj el (Do not go away) Bela Bartok (1881-1945)
Rum dum dum Dragan Shuplevski (1933-2001)
Maro Resavkinjo, Jesam li ti Jelane Ilija Rajković (b. 1976)
Derniere dance (Last dance) arr. Jelena Rakić (b. 1979)
Somethings gotta hold on me arr. Jelena Rakić (b. 1979)


Požarevačka gimnazija (Gymnasium in Pozarevac) has a 155 years long tradition of choir singing. In 2009, they won two gold diplomas at the competition "Venezia in musica". In 2011, at the Ohrid Choir Festival, the choir won the second prize, and in the International Choir Competition "Interkultur" in Vrnjacka Banja 2014 won a silver medal. The repertoire is diverse and includes compositions from spiritual and secular music of the Renaissance, to the classical music of the twentieth century.

Jelena Rakic was born in 1979 in Pozarevac, where she finished school for elementary and secondary music education "Stevan Mokranjac". Her greatest experience in choral a cappella music was with City Female Choir "Barilli", one of the world-renowned choral ensembles. Her study continued at FMU in Belgrade, where she completed her studies in the class of Prof. Miloje Nikolic. In her work as a conductor, great attention is dedicated to the combination of text and music, articulation, diction as well as the overall stage presence and expression of the same.

Požarevac is an important regional administrative, economic and cultural center located eighty kilometers east of Belgrade. It boasts a number of significant archaeological sites such as the old Roman city of Viminacium. Pozarevac is also known for Ljubicevo Equestrian Games, which are traditionally held on the first Sunday in September on Pozarevac Hippodrome.