Mixed Choir Stiv Naumov

Bitola, Macedonia

Ljubomir Trifunovski conductor

Tatjana Josifovska solo vocal


Title Composer
X Rukovet (Rakatka) St. St. Mokranjac
Bolen mi lezhi Mile Pop Jordanov Ljubomir Trifunovski
Shto mi e milo em drago Andrej Naumov
Tebe pojem Stevan Mokranjac
Dostojno est Atanas Badev
K Bogorodice prilezhno A. Arhangelski
Heruvimska St. St. Mokranjac


The mixed choir was founded in 1944 and is the oldest and most famous ensemble of the Stiv Naumov Association from Bitola. Its members are 40 amateur singers with great talent and love towards music. During the years many conductors worked with the choir such as Kiril Makedonski, Todor Skalovski, Sotir Crvenko, Vasil Pop Duchev, Milan Spiridonov, Pepi Sidovski, Mile Nikolovski. They have preformed numerous concerts in the all over the world, participated in festivals and competitions where they won many prizes. For it achievements the choir was awarded with many prizes and awards among the most important are the high national award "11th October", "Gligor Smokvarski" award, the highest municipal award of Bitola "4th November" and many more.

Since 1969 their conductor is Ljubomir Trifunovski. He was born in Velushina in 1938. In his 50 years of music activity he has worked as music pedagogue and conductor. He conducts the mixed choir Stiv Naumov continuously from 1969 and in 1971 he founded the female youth choir Stiv Naumov. With these two choirs he has achived great successes - under his leadership the choirs achieved the best results and received the highest awards.

Bitola is an important town of southwest Macedonia. It is located in Pelagonia field and it is famous for agriculture, coal mining and electricity production. The city has rich cultural heritage: Shirok sokak - longest walking zone street in the Balkans, Heraklea Lynkests – archeological site from the antiquity, many churches and mosques, old bazaars and etc. Near the city there is a National Natural Park Pelister - one of the most beautiful Macedonia.