26-30 August 2010


Gatchina, Russia

Elena Smirnova - conductor
Marina Kaplan – choirmaster
Elena Voronetz - choirmaster

Competition Concert

Title Composer Lyrics
God, bless my soul Ippolitov-Ivanov Sacred lyrics
In fields Russian folk song Russian folk lyrics
Immer Leiser wird mein Schlummer Brahms -
Kupalinka Byelorussian folk song Byelorussian folk lyrics
Izbyanaya U. Falik -
Think about me in the spring night A. Petrov -
Lenka Petre Bogdanov Kochko Kiro Gligorov
Habanera Salada Spanish folk song Spanish folk lyrics

The “April” Choir consists of choral music school graduates. “April” acts as supplemental education at the MOU "School #8” in the town of Gatchina, in northwestern Russia. The group learns a comprehensive vocal technique from D. E. Ogorodnov. The Artistic Director of the choir school is V.D. Ogorodnov. Collectives of this music school repeatedly become winners of Regional and International competitions. This collective was formed in 1998 by Elena Smirnova, Elena Voronez, and Marina Kaplan. It has visited many countries in Europe such as the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, and others. It has received awards at the choral festivals in Halle, Germany (2003), Calella, Spain (2005), Veldhoven, the Netherlands (2007), Torrevieja, Spain (2008). Additionally, they have won the following competitions:

  • 1st degree at the International Festival-competition “Voices Unlimited”, Veldhoven, the Netherlands (2007)
  • 1st degree at the International Festival-competition “Okras sounds of the world”, St. Petersburg, Russia (2008)
  • 2nd degree at the International Festival-competition “Moscow sounds”, Moscow, Russia (2008)

Smirnova Elena studied as a choir conductor at the Rimsky-Korsakov St Petersburg State Conservatory, and at the St Petersburg State Institute of the Arts. Since 1998 Elena has been working in the musical school “April”. Under Smirnova’s direction, many choirs and ensembles have been laureates at regional and international festivals and competitions.

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