26-30 August 2010

Chamber choir “Ars Viva”

Moscow, Russia

Lubov Zvyagintseva, Dmitry Shmelev - conductors
Konstantinova, Muravina, Saliy, Kotkin,
Pivovarov, Rogovoy, Sokolov, Ushakov - soloists

Concert of Sacred Music

Title Composer Lyrics
Neither the tomb no Death S. Rachmaninov The Collect-Hymn of the Dormition
The wise thief P. Dinev Exapostilarion on Great Friday
Of thy Mystical Supper A. Lvov Troparion on Great Thursday
Hail, o Virgin Birth-Giver of God S. Rachmaninov All-night vigil,op.37,No. 6
Let God arise D.Bortnyanskiy Stanzas for Easter
Praise the name of the Lord D. Hristov Ps.134:1 and 135:1
We sing Thee S. Rachmaninov from Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom op. 31

The chamber choir “Ars Viva” (Moscow) and the creative association “Vivat” — associations of cultural and business cooperation with Italy—were created in 1999 as men's and mixed choirs. The choir is very active, performing in concerts and participating in festivals in Russia, Austria, Germany, Spain, Poland, France, the Czech Republic and Italy, where in 2000 it won the international competition “MUSIC WORLD”. The choir has diplomas from festivals in Russia, Italy, Spain.

The choir repertoire includes spiritual and secular music from the fifteenth to the twentieth century from Russia and countries worldwide, as well as Russian, Ukrainian and Cossack songs. The men’s and women’s choir groups have independent repertoires. Depending on the program, the choir includes between twenty-four and fifty singers.

Lubov Zvyagintseva - the choir master and conductor, composer, musicologist, arranger, music critic, sound producer, journalist, ethnographer. He has cooperated with the “Ars Viva” choir since 2001. He graduated from the Kirghiz State Institute of the Arts. He has a number of Russian awards, and now works at the Moscow University of Culture and Arts.

Dmitry Shmelev - the choir master and the conductor of the creative association since 1994, graduated from the Moscow Institute of Culture. He worked as the choir master and conductor of the working choral chapel and choir “Vivat”.

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