26-30 August 2010

Primary School “Vuk Karadzic” Choir

Kikinda, Serbia

Biljana Jeremić - conductor
Stevan Jeremić - solo vocal

Competition Concert

Title Composer Lyrics
A mia mamma Anonymous  
Air-Thema der Blacksmith Variationen G. F. Hendl  
Two pewits Joost Termont Edward Thomas
Srpska kraljevska suguba jektenija M. Govedarica Iz liturgije Sv. Jovana Zlatoustog
Pesna na šturčeto Trajko Prokopiev Milka H. Prodanova
Muva E. Erno Tamko Sirato Karoly

The choir has been in existence for more than ten years, taking part in many International Choir Festivals. It has been declared the best children’s choir in our country and its conductor as the best conductor in the category of children’s choirs. This year in May, the choir took part in the European Music festival in Neerpelt, Belgium and won the second prize. Last year the choir was in the Choir Festival in Bad Ischl, Austria, where it won the bronze medal. All the members of the choir are looking forward to coming to the Ohrid festival since they were there a few years ago and had many great memories of spending time in this beautiful town.

The conductor, Biljana Jeremic, is now working at the teacher-training School in Sombor, lecturing on methods of music teaching. At the moment she is in graduate studies defending her dissertation—the influence of choir singing on the development of musical abilities.

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