26-30 August 2010

Teachers’ choir of Lviv State Music College “Stanislaw Ludkevich”

Lviv, Ukraine

Volodymyr Gnid - conductor
Volodymyr Paslavskyy - solo vocal

Competition Concert

Title Composer Lyrics
Where do I go in the name of Your the Lord... M. Lysenko Koncert Ps. 138: 7-10
Moon serene A. Kushnirenko Folk song
Elegiya D. Shuplevski K. Racin
Schedrivonka M. Datsko Traditional Ukranian
Siromav D. Shuplevski Traditional Macedonian
Nyni otpuschajeshy D.Hristov Liturgy

Folk Concert

Title Composer Lyrics
Oh, oak, green oak. – Oh in the field two oak O. Nekrasov Folk song
The green hazel Arr. A.Kos-Anatolski Folk song
Moon serene Arr. A. Kushnirenko Folk song
Hey, comrades opryshky A.Kos-Anatolski M. Ustyjanovych

Concert of Sacred Music

Title Composer Lyrics
Angel crying A. Makarov Liturgy
Our Lady M. Fedoriv Liturgy
Praise, my soul... A. Vedel Liturgy
Now remission D. Hristov Liturgy

Lviv is one of the oldest and most unique cities of Ukraine, a real pearl of European architecture, a spiritual capital of Ukraine, and the key political, economical, cultural, and scientific center of the western region of Ukraine. It was founded in 1256 by Danylo Halytskyi and named in honor of his son Lev. The central part of the city was declared a historical and cultural preserve and was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. The temples, traditions, holidays and festivals of Lviv are inherited from the past and represent the modern genius which can only be felt in Lviv.

The teachers’ choir of Lviv State Music College “Stanislaw Ludkevich”, Lviv, was founded in 1990. The choir’s repertoire is mainly a cappella songs by Ukrainian and foreign composers, spanning several centuries, from ancient music to the present day, including sacred, classical and folk music. The choir uses an original manner of singing, based on classical vocal and Ukrainian choir traditions. The teachers’ choir of Lviv State Music College has taken part in many art activities and concert tours in Germany, Poland, Czech, France, Hungary, Switzerland, Great Britain, Finland, and the Netherlands, and has won awards at the following choir competitions and festivals:

  • Bronze medal at the fourth International Music Festival of Rhodes, Greece (2002)
  • Two silver and one bronze medal at the International Choir Festival Tonen 2000, the Netherlands (2006)
  • Diploma at the twenty-first International Choir Festival “Ciudad de Torrevieja”, Spain (2007)

Volodymyr Gnid began his work with the Teachers’ choir of Lviv State Music College in 1995. He graduated from the cultural-educational college in Lviv and the Lviv State Musical Academy “M. Lysenko” with the specialty of choir conductor. He is a meritorious worker of Ukrainian culture, and works as a vice-director in pedagogical work and as a professor. For a great personal contribution to Ukrainian culture and arts development and high professionalism, Volodymyr Gnid, was awarded with the honorary rank “The meritorious worker of the culture of Ukraine” on February 5, 1998, by the edict of the President of Ukraine.

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