26-30 August 2010

Vox Animi

Sighisoara, Romania

Ana Rodica Proteasa - conductor
Gheorghe Oprea – choir president

Competition Concert

Title Composer
Ave Maria Manfred Bühler
Chop heaven Petre Severin
Christ is Risen! Cornel Arion
Wreath on Somes Constantin Arvinte
Lino, Leano Nicolae Ursu
Meri Tomcho Stevan Gaydov

The Vox Animi Choir (an amateur mixed choir) has a strong historical tradition in the cultural life of Sighisoara, Romania. The choir was founded in 1937. It participates in various festivals, and has toured in Romania, Germany, Czech Republic and Greece. The choir is a member of the National Association - Romanian Association of Choral Song, which is a part of the International Association - “À Coeur Joie” in France. The name choir, “Vox Animi” (voice of the soul), symbolizes joy, love, the human pleasure of playing, and thus the heart and soul of the song is passed on to the audience. The choir members, of forty different professions, are united by a common passion—choir singing. A holder of national diplomas, the Vox Animi Choir holds a bronze award from the “Festival of Carols” in Prague, Czech Republic (2007).

Choir Conductor - Ana Rodica Proteasa. She is a graduate of the Conservatory of Music “Gheorghe Dima” Cluj-Napoca, and since 1997 has been this choir’s conductor. She is has a noted career as a music teacher, choir harmonies and creator of various choral works.

Sighisoara was certified in the year 1280 under the name of Castrum Sex, a medieval town located in central Romania. Protected under the patronage of UNESCO, it is the only inhabited medieval citadel in southeastern Europe.

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