26-30 August 2010

Choir “Bel Canto”

Vilnius, Lithuania

Artūras Dambrauskas - chief conductor and artistic director
Raminta Gocentienė; Simona Vitkauskienė
    - assistants to the chief conductor and artistic director

Competition Concert

Title Composer Lyrics
On the high hill Donatas Zakaras  
Kiitkem sudamest Mariat Urmas Sisask  
Psalm 43, Op. 78, No. 2 “Richte mich, Gott” Felix Mendelssohn-Bartoldy  
Numeration Jonas Tamulionis  
Rum dum dum Dragan Shuplevski  

The mixed choir “Bel Canto” was established in the autumn of 2009, and unites more than fifty singers, who have extensive experience in various choirs in Lithuania. It brings together people whose desire is to have quality leisure time and enjoy one of the most pleasant activities—singing. Their goal is to sing different styles of music and work with various other groups, present high quality musical projects and participate in competitions and festivals in Lithuania and abroad.

“Bel Canto” is driven by a love for choral music, enthusiasm and creative ambition—the choir’s ambitious name indicates its members’ visions and aspirations. They are ready for a long, hard road in their quest for “beautiful singing”, a road full of creative experiments, discoveries and adventures.

“Bel Canto” made its official Vilnius debut in February 2010 with a sell-out concert called “Bel Canto Choir: singing hope, passion and love...” at St. Catherine’s Church. However, the choir’s first public appearance took place in November 2009, barely three months after it was established, at the seventeenth International Festival of Sacred Music, and the Fifth Sacred Choral Music Competition Cantate Domino in Kaunas, where Bel Canto won second place in the Grand Prix category.

In 2010 “Bel Canto” plans to present its first CD album “Choir Bel Canto: singing passion, hope and love…” The album will feature songs from the choir’s Vilnius debut concert of the same title, which took place in February 2010 in Vilnius, and will present its second solo concert in Vilnius in early November.

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