26-30 August 2010

Chamber Choir “Capella Polifonica”

Arad, Romania

Ardelean Tiberiu - conductor

Folk Concert

Title Composer Lyrics
Lioara Constantin Rîpă folk lyrics
Idilă bihoreană Sabin V. Drăgoi folk lyrics
Iac-aşa Gavriil Muzicescu folk lyrics
Sârba pe loc Gheorghe Danga folk lyrics

The chamber choir “Capella Polifonica”, conducted by Tiberiu Ardelean came into being on the fifteenth of November, 2008, from the desire of its members to give glory and contentment to God through the universal and beautiful language of music. The choir is mixed, made up of priests, different specialized teachers and parsons, lovers of music and beauty, all of whom have a passionate desire to bring to light the lexicon of religious and secular music which our Romanian race enjoys. It is made up of thirty-one members who, for their passion and love for singing, reserve two hours a week to rehearse and transmit to the wider public and today’s society at least a few emotions and spiritual feelings. Our choir has Saint Nicolas as its spiritual protector, because it had the great honor on December 6, 2008 to sing and to have in our midst the Primate of our church, Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church. The choir encompasses a large palette in its repertory: religious, classic folk, patriotic, and of course the traditional carol. Our joy and our satisfaction is that after the work is finished, during rehearsal classes, to move and sensitize the hearts of our listeners, by giving them a few benefits and fruits that choral music offers.

Ohrid Choir Festival 2010Ohrid Choir Festival 2010
Ohrid Choir Festival 2010Ohrid Choir Festival 2010Ohrid Choir Festival 2010

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