26-30 August 2010

Ensemble “Golden Years”

Velika Gorica, Croatia

Siniša Belošević - conductor

Competition Concert

Title Composer Lyrics
Oče Naš Matko Brajša Rašan Relig.
Kaj Rudolf Taclik Traditional
Jurjevska Iz Dubranca Franjo Dugan Jr. Traditional
Mio Ti Je Kraj Ferdo Livadić Antun Mihanović
Rum, Dum, Dum (optional) Dragan Šuplevski Traditional Mak.

Concert of Sacred Music

Title Composer Lyrics
Amazing Grace J. London  
Oče Naš Matko Brajša Rašan Relig.

The ensemble has been active since 2004, and was formally registered in 2008. The choir performs different music, primarily classic vocal expressions of sacral music, modern arrangements of traditional music, popular music for different occasions and adaptable in accordance with the requirements of social or cultural events. Our most special and popular concerts are our Christmas Concerts performed in various churches in Croatia and abroad. We like them the most. We always prepare seriously and for a long time because we think that at Chrismas time we must give not only beautiful music to the audience but our souls as well. The Conductor is Mr Siniša Belošević, an air traffic controller, born in Zagreb in 1954.

In 2008 we performed in Ohrid. We are here again as a slightly bigger group of singers and others. Why we are here again? Because in Ohrid, Macedonia we feel only positive emotions, relationships, people who like to show themselves to be good musicians but also, and more, as music lovers, those who like other singers and other human beings. In the world today that is more and more important and it seems the only surviving path we need to take.

The ensemble Golden Years resides in Velika Gorica (Little Big Hill) in the central part of Croatia, 600 kilometres from Dubrovnik, 300 kilometres from Pula and Osijek and twenty kilometres from Zagreb. In fact, it is a green valley with no industry with about 70.000 inhabitants and with a remarkable number of places where signs of traditional life have been preserved for present and future generations.

Ohrid Choir Festival 2010Ohrid Choir Festival 2010
Ohrid Choir Festival 2010Ohrid Choir Festival 2010Ohrid Choir Festival 2010

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