26-30 August 2010

Choir “Mistika”

Dobrich, Bulgaria

Rositza Durmushlijska - conductor
Radostina Grozdeva-Krasteva - piano accompaniment

Competition Concert

Title Composer
Dimianinka Plamen Arabov
Poshla moma na voda Dragan Shuplevski
Prayer Zvetan Denev
Kyrie Orlando di Lasso
Sanktus Noel Goemanne
Ave Maria Bozhidar Gatev

Folk Concert

Title Composer
Bre, Petrunko Filip Kutev
Stara sa majka ni lozhe Todor Popov
Bre, Ivane Anastas Naumov
Stana sa Kisha belosa Asen Diamandiev
Dimianinka Plamen Arabov

Concert of Sacred Music

Title Composer
Slava otcu i sinu D. Bortnianski
Blagoslovi, dushe moia D. Demirov
Prayer Zvetan Denev
Tebe poem Bozhidar Gatev
Glorificamus te Eugenne Butler

The woman’s choir Mystika was established in 2004. The participants are amateur singers of different professions. The group has worked for six years, in that time realizing over 80 concerts its native country and abroad, and has been awarded with two first prizes and one second place prize in international festivals in Bulgaria. The choir takes an active part in the cultural life of the town of Dobrich, Bulgaria.

The founder and conductor of Mystica is Rosiza Durmushlijska. She is a graduate of Plovdiv’s Music Academy where she was a student of maestro Professor Ivan Spasov. Additionally, she has been the leader of the children’s choir “Maestro Zahari Mednikarov” since 1985. In 2009 Durmushlijska was awarded with the honorary title Maestra at the International Choir Competition in Veliko Turnovo.

The town of Dobrich is the second largest economic center in northeastern Bulgaria. Dobrich is one of the ten largest towns in Bulgaria—an important cultural, economic and administrative centre in the northeast economic region of the country. In Dobrich you can enjoy numerous restaurants, open bars and cafes, as well as the Historical Museum with its 163.000 museum exhibits, the Ethnographic House, an architectural and cultural monument, the famous Icon Hall located in the Art Gallery, and “St. George” Church, to see its rich iconostasis.

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