26-30 August 2010

Rilski Zvoutsi

Dupnitsa, Bulgaria

Magdalena Lobutova - conductor
Yordanka Vasilieva - piano accompaniment

Folk Concert

Title Composer
Baba Minkovtsa Alexander Morfov
What a maid saw Mom Emanuil Manolov
Rachenitsa Dobri Hristov
Perunika Parashkev Hadjiev
Come on Yano Petko Stajnov

Concert of Sacred Music

Title Composer
Our father Nikolay Kedrov
Yako da caria Georgi Lomahin
Tebe poem Dobri Hristov
Nine otpoushtaeshi raba Dobri Hristov

The beginning of the choir began in 1894 with the first singing association in Dupnitsa town, conducted by Ivan Krastev. As a successor chorus “Rodni zvoutsi” with the conductor Veneta Vitcheva in 1958 the structure was renamed “Rilski zvoutsi”. During more than 115 years, the chorus was conducted by 23 professional conductors, and with them hundreds of concerts were realized and they won scores of prizes in national and international festivals. Since 2008 the leader of the mixed choir is Magdalena Lobutova and since the inception of the choir, the master is Yordanka Vasilieva. The repertory of the choir includes more than 300 productions of Bulgarian choral classics, contemporaneous music, the world-wide before-classic music and classic music.

Over the years it has been awarded many prizes: prize winner and silver medal at the Second and Third National Festival of Amateur Art Activities in 1964 and 1969, golden medal at the Fourth and Fifth National Festival of Amateur Art Activities in 1974 and 1979, and in 1975, at the 80th anniversary, it was awarded the order of Cyril and Methodius – first class.

Dupnitsa is situated in Southwestern Bulgaria at the foot of Rila Mountain and 50 km east of Macedonia. It has a rich cultural tradition with many amateur choirs, dance and theater groups that brought fame to the city and the country abroad.

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