26-30 August 2010

Chamber choir “Te Deum” of Kaunas St. Michael the Archangel (Garrison) Church

Kaunas, Lithuania

Audrius Petrauskas - conductor

Competition Concert

Title Composer Lyrics
Upon the Mount of Olives Juozas Naujalis Liturgic text
O sweet virgin Maria Cornelio di Hollosy Liturgic text
Canticorum Jubilo George Frideric Handel Liturgic text
Christ became obedient unto death Joost Termont Liturgic text
Svescena pesna Taki Hrisik; Dragan Shuplevski  

Concert of Sacred Music

Title Composer Lyrics
The eternal love of God Darius Polikaitis  
Quietly quietly Leonidas Abaris Henrika Aušrienė
Sing unto the Lord Alexander Grečaninov Liturgic text

The chamber choir “Te Deum” was founded in 1990 in the Kaunas Christ Resurrection Church, Lithuania, on the initiative of Asta Vištakyte-Armonienė. The choir chanted during feast days and other religious feasts in the churches of Lithuanian towns. In 1992 the choir participated in Youth days in Czestochowa, Poland during the visit of Pope John Paul ΙΙ. In 1996 Audrius Petrauskas became the director of the choir. Since 2003 the choir chants at Kaunas St. Michael the Archangel (Garrison) Church during the summer. In 2004 and 2007 “Te Deum” was the laureate of the sacral music competition “Cantate Domino”. In 2006 they performed together with the wind orchestra of Kaunas Air Force in Kaunas Town Hall Square. In 2009 the choir found success in the choir competition “Lithuanian Voices”, broadcast in Lithuania and worldwide by Lithuanian National Television.

The conductor of the choir, Audrius Petrauskas (born 1970) graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and received the choir conducting Master’s degree (under the guidance of Professor P. Bingelis). Presently he is a singer in the Kaunas State Choir.

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