26-30 August 2010

Singing Choir “Rozkvet”

Prievidza, Slovakia

Ján Glos - conductor
Eva Balagová - piano accompaniment
Andrea Kasalová - solo vocal

Competition Concert

Title Composer Lyrics
Fire, fire Thomas Morley English madrigal
Laudate Dominum Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Liturgical
Ave Maria Mikuláš Schneider - Trnavský Liturgical
Playing on the meadow Zdenko Mikula Slovak traditional
Rum, dum, dum Dragan Shuplevski Macedonian traditional

Folk Concert

Title Composer Lyrics
Behind our litle barn Zdeněk Lukáš traditional
When I am going to plough Ivan Hrušovský traditional
We decorate „may´s trees“ to our girlfriends Ivan Hrušovský traditional

Concert of Sacred Music

Title Composer Lyrics
Mother of the God, rejoice Sergej Rachmaninov Orthodox liturgical
Laudate Dominum Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Liturgical

Pop Concert

Title Composer Lyrics
Feathers in the Wind Francesc Vila Vocal
My Evaline arr.: A. E. Hall Traditional
Teacher of the dance Pavol Hammel Boris Filan

The choir Rozkvet performs in the city of Prievidza in central Slovakia. It is an administrative centre of the region and a seat of the local government. It also has an important role as an economic and industrial centre of the area providing employment opportunities for people from the whole region. Prievidza is also a centre of educational institutions, cultural and social facilities and provides its 50.000 inhabitants with a wide range of options to spend quality free time. Museums, galleries, a nearby spa resort and a number of sport facilities are available both for residents and visitors to live a contented life or just to enjoy a few days of relaxation.

For over forty years, the cultural life of Prievidza has been enriched by the mixed choir Rozkvet. It was established in 1967 as an ensemble of teachers from the city and nearby areas. In over four decades it has reached the standard of a quality choir with a wide repertoire. The choir’s repertoire includes all musical genres—from the Renaissance madrigal through Baroque, Classical and Romantic pieces to works of contemporary music composers. Particular attention is devoted to Slovak music.

Nowadays the Rozkvet choir has forty members from various occupations as well as high-school and university students. The choir is conducted by Ján Glos, a former chemical engineer, who, due to his love of music, changed his career and became a music teacher. He has been directing the choir for more than twenty years, during which it has found success on numerous European and national stages.

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