26-30 August 2010

Lira Maria Radna

Lipova, Romania

Ovidiu Boar - conductor

Competition Concert

Title Composer Lyrics
We praise You Nicolae Lungu Liturgical song
Uplift to You Lodovico Viadana Offertorium in the 1st Advent Sunday
God’s Lamb Pietro A. Yon Mess of the Shepherds

The choir “Lira Maria Radna” from Lipova, Romania was born in 1984 and consists of women, many of them teachers. They are amateur singers. The choir is supported by the local community of the town Lipova, district Arad. Lipova is a small town in the western region of the country, crossed by a large river and surrounded by hills. It is an ancient town which came under the influence of different cultures: Slavic, Turkish, German and Hungarian. An old fortress dominates the surroundings from a high hill and the landscapes are wonderful. The town is well-known for its mineral water sources.

The repertory of the choir is rich and diverse, containing pieces of secular and religious music, classical and contemporary works, folklore and international masterpieces. The conductor, Ovidiu Boar, is a singer in the choir of the State Philharmonic Arad, and he conducts two other choirs in Arad city. He has been working with the “Lira” choir for almost ten years, constantly improving its performances.

The choir has participated in many festivals and competitions over its lifespan, either national or international. The international experience of the choir began in 1991. Since that time, the choir has taken part in competitions and festivals in Germany, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Denmark and Portugal. In 1992 the “Lira” choir won its first important prize in the International Choral Festival of Karditsa in Greece, in the category of Byzantine music. In 2001 and in 2003 the choir was a participant in two of the international choral competitions organized by Musica Mundi: first in Riva del Garda, Italy and second in Budapest, Hungary. The choir was awarded with Silver Diplomas at both competitions.

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