26-30 August 2010

Ensemble “Mozaik”

Pozarevac, Serbia

Ilija Rajković - conductor

Marta Blagojević – solo sopran
Jelena Milenković – solo vocal
Danilo Milojković, Mladen Ničić – guitar
Miroslav Jankech, Momir Marijoković – accordion
Filip Savić, Nenad Nikolić, Katarina Janićević – percussion
Aleksandar Jankech – alto saxophone
Ilija Rajković – piano

Folk Concert

Title Composer Lyrics
Katyusha Matvei Blanter; arr. Ilija Rajković Mikhail Isakovsky
Where are you darling…? Davorin Jenko; arr. Ilija Rajković Branko Radičević
Macedonian girl arr. Ilija Rajković Traditional

Pop Concert

Title Composer Lyrics
Your Love Keeps Lifting Me)
Higher and Higher
Gary Jackson; arr. Ilija Rajković Carl Smith
Aquarius Galt MacDermot; arr. Ilija Rajković James Rado
Something got a hold of me Pearl Woods; arr. Ilija Rajković Etta James

The vocal and instrumental ensemble “Mosaic” was founded in November 2006, starting with 15 members and growing to 60 performers. The Ensemble works under the management of two school professors: Ilija Rajković and Mladen Ničić.

The members of the Ensemble have been participating in festivals and this has given them an opportunity to stand out not only as singers, but also as successful scene performers. The latter was crucial for the Ensemble’s choice of genre. World traditional music is a domain in which most of the performers are at ease.

The Ensemble has performed many times, mostly in Požarevac, but also in towns across Serbia and outside state borders. All of the performances served as an experience builder and confidence boost for the Ensemble, which led to the highest marks for their performance in the First Ohrid Choir Festival in 2008. In 2007, in Valjevo, the Ensemble was awarded their first official price for the artistic enrichment of the festival.

The audience has always been extremely interested in the Ensemble’s performances. They have held many concerts; mostly solo and occasionally they are for humanitarian purposes. They have received numerous invitations for participation in events across Serbia. Their performance at the Central St. Sava Academy held in Sava Centre in 2010 was one of the most important in their career.

The repertoire of the Ensemble has expanded during the years, ranging from the traditional Serbian music, which remains their base, to a wider spectrum of music from different nations around the world. A permanent part of the Ensemble’s concert repertoire is songs from Macedonia, Serbia, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovenia and even American gospel music. The songs on their repertoire are all linked together with a single idea: they all come from the people and the people accept them wholeheartedly. This makes the Ensemble truthful to its original tendencies, performing traditional music in a new, original arrangement.

It was the diversity of the repertoire and the large number of songs from different nations that in October 2009 led to naming the Ensemble “Mosaic”.

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Ohrid Choir Festival 2010Ohrid Choir Festival 2010Ohrid Choir Festival 2010Ohrid Choir Festival 2010Ohrid Choir Festival 2010Ohrid Choir Festival 2010Ohrid Choir Festival 2010Ohrid Choir Festival 2010

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